Breaf Explanation about Analytics and Search Console

Google Analytics lets you measure your promotional ROI and even track your Flash communication, video, and interaction.

Google Analytics for Beginners tells new clients the best way to record, apply the following code, and set up information channels. You'll find out how to check Google Analytics interface and reports, and set up dashboards and other options. The lessons will also show how important audience reports are being distributed, detection, and behavior, and setting goals and the next battle.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console formerly known as Google web master it is Very useful for console website owners.

To explore, what to do to get better to see the presence of the website. Google Search Console is useful to find out to add your website in this  with business mail, not your personal mail

Login into the Google Search Console 

Click on Add property.

Enter the URL of your website.

Google will ask you to confirm that you own that website

There are four types of methods for this.

1) HTML file Upload

2) Google Analytics

3) DNS

4) Google Tag Manager

Verification using any one of these four methods Can Message as soon as verification is complete

Google will start tracking your site from the profession Uses by Search Console.

You can find out where the traffic to your site is coming from. What kind of device do your visitors visit (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) Can find out what is being used.

Google Can find out How many pages on your site are indexed in ,The reason why pages that are not indexed can be found.

Mobile Uability Issues can be identified and corrected. You can find out if you get more traffic through a keyword.

You can see if the sitemap of your site has been submitted or not. Determine how many backlinks there are to any pages on the site. Find out which pages are getting the most clicks.

In January 2018, Google introduced a different version of query verification, with changes to the UI. Search Console services and reports help you measure your search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site brighter in Google Search results.