Advantages and Disadvantages

Digital Marketing advantages and disadvantages

Digital marketing is low cost anywhere in the world, Entrepreneur is a great opportunity to reach out to existing customers.

1. The number of users you want to join, you want to achieve, When it comes to goals, the budget you have to allocate is very small.

2 As soon as an idea comes up, in the shortest possible time The campaign can start. Once the idea comes up put it into practice Need to wait weeks, months to bring, If you have a good team, your campaign is within an hour.

3. Beyond counting those who have ideas in the field of digital marketing Opportunities are available. In a way the chances of being cocoons Are. Which of the following best describes you?

Results can be achieved.

4. Many social media platform, ad formats, content formats It is better to try some items so they are available. The ones that are not so fruitful while continuing the ones that get results Can move forward, putting aside Most important of all is video marketing,
Video is the most important marketing tool of the technology industry Radically changed the appearance of A products through videos, We can easily bring the customer closer.
For example, you have a product called "Total Internet Security". This may be your own product or you may be affiliated with this product.

You need to explain your product together with a businessman who makes many financial transactions every day. However take that person’s appointment and get together in person to be explained within minutes. It needs to be explained so that the concept is fully understood.

There are many difficulties in this process.

1) You will not find his appointment
2) He listens carefully to what you say,
3) Eventually the convocation sale takes place,

The main problem here is that it takes at least an hour for a customer to complete the whole process together with you. In this way Be able to meet. Meeting more and more people due to lack of time. This problem can be easily solved in digital marketing.

For example

This is about the same internet security tool
You create a website ...

1) The benefits of this program.
2) How to use it to prevent viruses.
3) Hacking attempts can be thwarted.
4) You can do your banking transaction calmly without any hassle.

Posts describing all the important features of this product, either in test form, video format or a combination of the two Can create. This is the purpose of the product you want to explainAnd Reach customers directly.

The benefit of that product is inevitable
When they think they will, they will contact you for your product. Also how to install this internet security tool? How to use? That's every single one in that program
Videos explaining the ending can also be made.

 Many screen for this Recorder programs are available in the market for free. Similar videos Can be easily made without big hassle.
Many users know how to use anti internet security tool or any other tool after installing it.
They do not know. So when these types of videos are also provided they will be able to nurture the program on their own.

5. Digital marketing can specifically target people who are interested in your product. Targeting here means of your product. The flood can only be made visible to them.

6. The most influential topic of all is Tastimonials which are the experiences of the customers who have been satisfied with using that product in the past. Their opinion is either in the form of text or in the form of image, when presented in video form, gives new buyers confidence in the product.

Testimonials from local customers can have a great impact, especially when promoting the product of local merchants. Acquaintances who are local, acquaintances abandon a product
When you give a testimonial saying 'it's good to see', consumers build confidence and tend to buy the product.

7. Whether or not any ad campaign in digital marketing has the right impact, reaching out to customers, or not, their
We can constantly track how the response is. You can make necessary changes to the campaign based on the feedback you receive when the ad-campaign results are not good. Even if the change is made there will not be results
When you feel like it, you can immediately stop that campaign and save the budget.

You can then start the Adcampaign with another copy of another platform. That means we have complete control over the budget.
8. Reach the Audience Generally, AdamPause temporarily pauses when their engagement is low Or you can schedule what time your ads will be displayed each day.
For example the engagement is short until 11am to 5am. At that point your ads may stop.

9. Email Marketing But how many people did we send email to. It depends on how many people open your email Can be tracked. Because of this they are running two separate email campaigns with more users in either of those campaigns
Those who open their mail and continue to view it will turn it off.

Problems in Digital Marketing:

1. Digital marketing is just growing and becoming popular in our country. So many business people and ordinary people look at things with suspicion. It is also possible to error on the side of thinking of it as a pyramid scheme, a chain scheme.

As technology advances, many things are happening that we can not even imagine and that we can not believe.
Only those who can foresee and predict the future will reach the highest peaks in life in the shortest possible time.

1) Buying groceries online.
2) Buying valuables (mobile phone) without seeing them, with confidence,
3) When we are hungry, Biryani comes looking for where we are (Zomato)
4) The cab driver will drop and pick up where we are told without any fuss or argument.
5) Being able to send millions of money to others without going to the bank.
6) To an address we have never seen before, in a new town, without asking anyone, without anyone's help, with no contact with Navigator. 
Until a few years ago we had no idea that these things were likely to happen. But they were possible.

2. In some methods like email marketing sometimes the mail we send is going into spam or blocked.

3. Still some people stay away from technology. Not being able to reach them through digital marketing is also a problem.

For example, many business owners do not have email ids. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Occasionally used only by employees working on their behalf, even if used occasionally. Such people can only be reached through certain methods in digital marketing (e.g. mobile marketing).

4. It is better to touch and buy some products. In digital marketing it is not possible to touch the product that you are offering.This is a small flaw.
For example a guy wanted to buy shoes. However there is some difficulty in deciding what size poos to buy.

In the traditional way, you go to the shop and buy only after you feel comfortable. It's natural to have some hesitation online here. The solution is that all e-commerce portals also offer free exchanges. 

That is, you buy when you have trouble with size
If the request is made on this e-commerce website, the collection boy will come to your place, give you the correct number size and take back the product that has already been delivered to you. It is free.

Despite the small difficulties in digital marketing on the whole, efforts to overcome them are ongoing. So it is better to work hard and focus on the bright future of the sector in the coming days without focusing on these small things.

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