Types of Computer Ports

Types of Computer Ports

A Port is a connecting socket outside the system into which different types of cables are plugged.

It is the place where devices are physically connected. There are many types of ports used in computer systems. These ports are

1)  Serial Port

2)  Parallel Port

3)  USB Port (Universal serial bus)

4)  SCSI Port (Small Computer system Interface).

Serial Port

The serial port transmits one bit of a byte, one at a time as a single stream of bits.

It is used for transmitting slow data over long distances. Example – Dialup modem, serial mice use serial ports.

Parallel Port

A Parallel port transmits 8 bits of a byte of data in parallel. It is used for transmitting fast data over short distances. It is used to connect printers, monitors, projectors, etc.

USB Port

A USB port can connect up to 127 peripheral devices such as a mouse, digital camera, scanners, speakers, etc. It also permits to connection plug and plays devices.

Small Computer System Interface (SCSI Port)

SCSI port allows data to be transmitted in a daisy chain up to 7 devices at a higher speed (32 bits at a time). It is a fast data transmitting device used to connect HDD (Hard disk drive), CD-ROM drives, etc with the computer.

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