Human Editors

Human Editors

Which type of search engine is controlled by human editors?

"We were quite successful in that way because we just gave people access to articles. And as soon they had a query for it…they would find information on websites such and so." 

The same goes regarding any kind of all content you have posted or produced; whether directly linking to your material from other sources ("text"), creating links over "pages", providing references beyond yourself if required ("links"), or simply pointing out places where others might stumble upon them: anything written without having already committed one's work will fall under this category.  I should note also that even though Google allows anyone to contribute up until its announcement.

This isn't too hard to answer. The main ones are Google and Bing, but they're also a lot more free online tools like Joomla! Hipmunker (a website that generates content from files), etc. If you can do it for yourself, then those aren't necessarily less secure than using paid services so long as they're trusted enough not only by security professionals, engineers or administrators, even though some things just don't work well with them because of their outdated coding standards and lack in expertise about database stuff, but probably equally important will be your IT support specialists at home who would've never thought this tool could exist.

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