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Keyword Research Strategies and Analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing actual search terms that folks enter into search engines to look for the sort of companies.

1) It is important to know what are the different search terms people use in search engines to find out the businesses like you with the ultimate goal of optimizing content around those terms in order to rank well for the searches people make every day.
2) By searching keywords for their popularity, search volume, you can tackle the questions that most people in your audience want answers.
3) Hence, keywords are considered as building blocks for websites, and using keywords that exactly match a person's search content gives as an important ranking factor for a website.

Strategies for Keyword Research

Identify Main Keyword: All keyword research starts with a topic, idea, or head keyword, also called a "Main Keyword." This main keyword can come from your industry knowledge.
Think new keyword ideas: Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer personas, Think and Identify what types of topics would your target audience search that you'd want your business to get found for, and just down a few base keyword ideas/topics.
Use a keyword research tool that comes into handy to make your work much easier.
Generate a huge range of ideas: Put down all the base keyword ideas you gather into any keyword research tool and generate maximum relevant keyword ideas that you can.
Conduct Keyword Analysis: conduct a quick analysis and prepare a final list by filtering (relevant + high search volume + medium/low competition) keywords.
Now, you can use all these keywords in your SEO activities and more overbuild content around these keywords on your website.
Keyword research isn't just a task. Your website's foundation is built on keywords, so precisely what building blocks you use requires regular re-generation and maintenance.

Keyword Research for my site:
From Business Audit Data keyword research is done as follows

Main Keyword: Digital Marketing, Jobs, Skills
Base Keywords: Jobs in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
Digital Marketing Stratagies

Here are 8 keyword research tools

1) SEMRUSH: It Offers 14 Days free trial. Unlike other tools where you would like to feature seed keywords to start out your research. Here you need to add your URL and it will show you all of the keywords that are ranking for that site.

2) AHREFS KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL: This is one of the most popular keywords research tools. It uses clickstream data to show how many clicks you get from search engines. This is very useful after knowledge graph integration as many keywords may have huge traffic but they get any clicks from the search engine.

3) LongTailPro: This is a Cloud-based platform for keyword research. It is a paid tool that will help you to find amazing keywords for your niche. They even have a contest checker which can make it easier for you to select the proper keyword.

4) Google Keyword Planner: To start using this tool you need to have an AdWords account. This is also one of the most popular keyboard research Planner.

5) KW Finder: This is one of the fastest-growing companies. KW Finder helps you to get the keyword that will help you drive higher traffic. Using a Question-based keyword research option you can quickly find long-tail keywords that are related to problem-solving.

6) Keywords Everywhere

7) Uber Suggest

8) Moz

Tips for Finding Keyword Ideas:

When you type a keyword in the search engine, You observe relevant keywords.
Searches related to Digital Marketing, Skills and Jobs

1) Skills and Job Center
2) Skills and jobs exchange
3) Digital Marketing course
4) Digital marketing jobs
5) Digital marketing agency

You can take some keyword ideas from here. Also, get keyword ideas from the above searches that people usually make relevant to your keyword.

Note :

While selecting keywords, if you are starting SEO for a website, concentrate on medium & low competition keywords. Also, prefer high search volume keywords - it means choosing the keyword which is used by a large number of people in their searches.
So, the final keyword list prepared will be used in different SEO activities to make your website/business rank better in the SERPs for those particular keywords.

Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis in SEO is all about identifying capable competitors for your business.
Technically to say, it’s all about identifying who comes first against your website in the Search Engine Result Pages for a particular keyword is considered to be your competitor.

We need to be identified & analyzed competitors because To observe the strategies and authoritativeness of their websites. To prepare & benchmark our strategies against them.

Select a few high search volume & medium/low competition keywords and do a quick search in the search engines. You’ll get a list of Search Engine Result Pages for all the keywords you searched for.
Observe the websites that appear & repeat in the top list of Search Engine Result Pages for the keywords you selected.
The websites which appear to be present for more than one keyword in the Search Engine Result Pages can be considered as our competitors.

Competitors to my website
1) Try to search with a few high volumes & medium/low competition keywords.
Let us try with these keywords.
Jobs and Skill in India & the best digital marketing website.

So, we can observe that Naukri and seem to be the competitor for “Jobs & Skills and Digital Marketing Website” because it’s repeatedly appeared in the Search Engine Result Pages for both the keywords.

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