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In this case, Tools is not about software programs, What formats and methods are used in digital marketing ?

Let’s take a look at the popular Digital Marketing Tools.

1. Articles:

Blog articles are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to content. Brand new Content Formats are still a favorite of users no matter how many come.

Only Content marketing is simply the marketing done with the help of these articles. It is very effective User Engagement, Articles play an important role in converting conversions.

2. Image/photo:

A picture is worth a thousand words. You hear about that proverb. To say in 1000 words, The subject can be told by just one image.

Visual Impact is like that and more. Visual content to quickly attract users to your product is Awesome and useful.

3. Video:

Video is one of the most popular formats of recent times. Especially with the advent of 4G video has become accessible to every single person.

How many videos on each topic from Information to Entertainment? We all know how popular it is, As bored to read the text

For those who fail, for those who do not read, complex things that can not be read or understood, Video has become a boon to illustrate.

4. Powerpoint Presentation:

This PowerPoint presentation is called PPT in a shortcut, Is mostly used in seminars, Easy to systematize a concept, This PPT format can be used to explain comprehensively.

So much for setting up a YouTube channel and creating videos for it. Those who do not have time, make a PPT on the topic they think about, Screen Record it with the help of a recorder, and make a video in a very short time.

Video can be created in much less time in this manner.

5. Applications:

Applications are available in Google Play Store and Apple ios Store. Each App is also a specific one that Is formed for the need. Identify users’ needs and address them.

Developers are creating a variety of apps for Digital Activity as the result of the recent mobile revolution.

At times even complete their operations on mobile rather than on laptop Users are accustomed. Many to meet their needs

Most web developers are concerned about the demand for these apps and Websites and blogs are being converted into apps.

6. Blog:

What is a blog and what is the difference between a website and a blog?

Blogging is a powerful way to reach and influence the user, We already know that the medium.

7. Case study:

In the web world, do an experiment and see the results of that experiment. The case is to describe step by step how we did that experiment study.

In Blogging or Affiliate Marketing, Search Marketing Can be understood. either in engine optimization, Search Engine Marketing, or social media In any aspect of digital marketing,

Putting into practice something new or familiar to everyone and its details, A case study is a complete disclosure. A lot of case studies for those who are new to a subject are beneficial. Exactly what happens if what happens?

Understand its consequences and be new to what we need to do Can think. When you do not have the ability to think new, look at a case study and do it Copying as it is can have some success.

Also by reading the case study about failure, and what to do, Failures can be detected and attempts can be made to avoid them.

8. Website:

There is nothing new to say about this. Digital without a website is not possible to move forward in the field of marketing. Whatever work you undertake.

Even if your target audience wants to reach out to you and remind you to have a website with you is a must. In a way, this Website is like your address.

If any visitors want to meet you Coming to your home as well as online visitors to see your content, You have to come to your website to see it.

9. E-book:

A book in digital format is called an Ebook. That is Electronic Book. Either on the computer, on the mobile, the other Allows reading on any electronic device.

These eBooks are very popular on Amazon due to the Kindle format. These books are especially easy to read on Kindle. A device called Reader was also designed

Benefits of Ebooks:

In Paperback books however you go to the market and buy To be done Or delivered even if ordered in a store like Amazon. It may take up to four days to complete.

Where to find ebooks Download within five minutes immediately after placing the order without moving from home.

You can select Ebooks when desired. These are very easy to carry. When you are on a long journey. In the bag to have some books to read along the way, Here is a simple one instead of carrying 4-5 books with you

The Kindle Reader can be carried. Slightly larger than Tab to see it, It is actually quite light though. To read, to catch

Kindle Readers are designed with the idea of ​​being easy. Kindle Reader at If You Don’t Have Kindle App On Your Mobile Can read books.

Can store a few thousand books in one Kindle Reader or Go to the Amazon Kindle Store and download the book you want

Ebooks are cheaper than paperback books. So you can save some money too. Most ebook readers have an inbuilt dictionary.

That is, as you read, you need to know the meaning of a word, especially when that word is highlighted, without the need to pull out a dictionary

Its meaning is indicated next to it. This can interfere with your reading process. E-Book lovers collect and hide many books. Whenever you go home, their house is full of books.

This also leads to many difficulties. Words by them at home, More problems will come as well. Ebooks are a boon for those like me who Can be praised. Thousands of books in ebook format on your computer or mobile

The disease can spread. And Google Drive if you need to, It can be lost by uploading it in loud storage is also absent.

Easy to organize:

Organizing a few thousand paperback books when you have them What happens? Memorizing and locating any book is impossible. And that’s how our luck is, a book We certainly can’t find it when needed. That’s exhausting

The writing will make it live again. Ebooks are easy to folder-wise or depending on the book title Can be organized. Simple to find and catch in Search.

You can choose the font sizes you like:

Rivers, Font in their Kindle Reader for those with vision problems can be expected. You can choose the font of your choice. No problems with this the skirt makes it easy to read books.

l-paperback Books must be lit around you to read. We can not read in the pitch darkness. Digital books by contrast. We can read even in the dark. Also, Mindle to suit the need, Reader Brightness can be adjusted

Take a break in the middle when reading the H Paperback type, you will need to remember where you are stopping when you arrive. But

Epaper book does not have such a problem. No matter where you shut up and go Come back and open It will be shown in the same place where it was left when it was found.

So far we have seen what are the benefits of        E-books

Now let’s look at the negative points of Ebooks.

Ebook readers need to be changed frequently, just like a mobile. Those who are accustomed to reading B Paperback books Unable to turn to ebooks quickly.

In the news that started doing so, There is a possibility of some strain on the eye. Digital Rights Management Like licensed Amazon

The book you bought on the platforms cannot be shared with others. If so, you have to give the device to your friends, just one The book cannot be shared.

10. Banner:

In a rectangle on the Home page when you open a website Banner that is visible horizontally and vertically.

Most bloggers do this banner is used as an advertisement. This is called Banner Ad. This May contain text.

Usually, the user who enters the website must be focused so the clicks on it come mostly.

11. QR (Quick Response codes for mobile marketing)

The so-called (Quick Response Code (QR code) in recent times is used in marketing methods

These can be attached to any product. QR code of a product, When a user scans, the full information of that product will be saved on the mobile phone. This information is consumer Can be reused when needed.

The website of the product that a user wants through QR code can retrieve information without having to type a URL.

Towards technology

This seems like an easy method for a largely unaware audience. In magazines, while browsing on Facebook, or anywhere else.

When a QR code appears, with the help of the QR Reader it has Reaching the website related to the product by scanning Happens.

This QR code marketing is the cheapest that requires no budget. As a digital marketer, you are distinguished by a product.

QR codes in different campaigns (Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Facebook Ads, or pasting on the walls in the traditional way Posters) When used, a customer scans the QR and promotes you Sees the product made. Now through that Campaign, you get that person Can be traced.

Ultimately no Campaign Most Recognize that customers are reaching out and keep it going.

However, there are some difficulties in this too

Mobile QR Reader App is required to use QR Code. Even though it’s free, you can set aside a couple of minutes to download the app Will need to be installed.

There is a big lack of awareness about this among consumers, The biggest challenge facing right now. Technology that motivates the common man, It is not possible to move forward in this field without being aware of it.

For this, users should be encouraged to scan the QR Code. Discount coupons, offers, cashback, etc. when scanned for this

Make sure it is provided by QR Code only. Only then is technology Is accessible to the common man in all spheres of business, including How to do things easily, in less time than it is now Learning happens.

If you want to provide the product by QR Code

What to do?

Go to the website that generates any QR Code.

For example

What kind of information should be provided in the code in that product

Paste that information you think.

Click on “Create QR Code”.

That’s it your QR code is ready.

Now what kind of format do you want to use this code for

Download in that format.

How do users use your QR Code?

Will be able to?

Suppose you are offered a discount coupon in your (QR Code).

For this, the customer first needs to scan the code provided by you Will.

As mentioned above the customer is first a QR Code reader

Will need to be installed on his mobile. Then the QR Code When you scan the QR Code you provided with the help of the reader the Discount coupon appears. With the help of this coupon, they get the product Can be purchased at a lower price.

12. Infographic:

Although the infographic is also a form of image & Infographic There is some difference. Images are of normal size Mostly in blog posts logos or social media ad campaigns Are used.

Infographic is a very large size compared to the image that is too long. Contains a lot of information. Almost one infographic of how much information we can get when reading an article

We can get the same information even when we understand. Infographics due to the value of the information contained in them are Mostly shared. Infographic is the authority content that will be considered. In terms of search engine optimization,

You can get backlinks from various websites. Because of this, your Website ranking improves.

Audiences are also exposed to complex issues through infographics Can be understood in many ways. It is Visual Representation so learned. Make sure you remember many days without forgetting things so quickly

14. Podcast:

Even if it is not so easy to explain what that means Let’s take a look at how netizens understand (Audio broadcast that is transmitted online is called Podcast Platforning like Youtube, and Vimeo to broadcast videos.

Anyway, there are some channels to broadcast audio content. The audio content that is transmitted in this way is called a podcast.

You can listen to these podcasts at any time you like. While relaxing in the office, or while traveling in the car, Most people would love to hear these.

Some people prefer audio content over video. These are a pastime when it comes to traveling and Also provide good information.

Podcasts are available on a variety of topics. As you like You can listen to these by subscribing to the topic channels.

Everyone has a unique learning style. In that style It takes a long time to understand a subject well only when it is learned, Be able to remember.

Three learners according to Neuro-Linguistic Programming Are of different types.

1. Visual

2. Auditory

3. Kinesthetic

Visual learners: 

These types of people are looking at one thing Learn. Graphs, charts, illustrations while learning. Prefers to learn through visual aids and images, the main ones Are given. They have a lot to learn from toys Time memorabilia

Auditory learners: 

They are more than just looking and learning Show interest in learning. Much of the things learned in this way Remember.

For example, in the form of text, email Oral means also oral rather than instructions given by Be able to enjoy. The instructions are easy to understand

Kinesthetic learners:

And the third type of people is by touching and holding things By, learn by moving.

Even when the teacher is giving a lesson in class, they do not move and Can’t sit and listen to the lesson. So their hands are always moving.

That means pulling out a notebook at that point even if it is not necessary Are writing. For this reason, they work in the Lab, rather than in the classroom Much is learned in the shop.

These three are also the audience you will encounter in digital marketing

Belong to one of a kind. I.e. belonging to these three types

People also visit your website. Hence what they like, Giving content seems to satisfy all types of audiences.

Podcasts can make auditorium people like your content. The web world so far has largely belonged to the visual sector.

Amazing-looking images, infographics, impressive videos, visually Attractive fonts, and their colors all attract a kind of audience.

However, these types of people are in large numbers in the entire audience Bloggers and developers are all focused on this. Everyone Choosing a new route without you even running along the same path Can also lead to better results.

Kinesthetic learners are the third type in the web world Creating content for them is not so easy. Technology is more for that Has to move forward.

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