Negative SEO

Negative SEO Challenges

Your competitors are ahead of you in the search engine ranks. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use Negative is called Negative SEO.
Hacking your site, Creating spammy backlinks, Copying your content and duplicating it by publishing it on other sites, Making content issues myself.
All of these also fall under Negative SEO.
Initially, no matter how many backlinks a site has, they are of good quality, Google does not care if it is spam type. Therefore Everyone was creating backlinks to their sites as they pleased.
Negative SEO
Google has been focusing on these types of backlinks since the Penguin update in 2012
Started penalizing sites with similar links.
That is these kinds of sites have lost their ranks.
The site owners who are affected by this are the backlinks to their sites Began to examine. A backlink from a spammy site though Once formed is not so easy to remove. The site owner Hold on and request to remove that link. Even if it does Do not believe it will be removed.
To solve such problems, Google currently has “Disallow tool ” is available. For this you first want to ‘No’ Put the links in a text file and paste them into this Disallow tool should do okay. 
This method allows you to Google “Ranking Considerations Do not take these links into account when purchasing. “

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