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Different types of Mobile Marketing Topics

A day without a smartphone, Stopping even feels like losing something too heavy.

Let us now turn to our topic.

Mobile Marketing means any product with the help of mobile Or marketing about service.

Mobile-assisted marketing even when feature phones are available, Was happening but it was just Small businesses through Text Messages

Those who are interested in giving the phone number related to the merchant’s Phone to find out about the product. In some limited ways, Marketing was going on.

But with the advent of smartphones came a new revolution in the field of marketing  impressive photos, videos, links (website URL)

Began to be able to give. All this is a height and banking in mobile. Also, sales of products after the start of operations Started finishing via mobile. It’s more than all that

That’s something that turned the marketing sector upside down.

That means starting to look at the ad and the good and bad of that product, Knowing, comparing with other products, finally coming to a decision, By Owning it, like this from the beginning Being able to do every single thing on mobile even to the end. Marketing has become an easy task.

How does mobile marketing work?

When a user is searching for something on his mobile, Adverts is shown next to it. (Search Engine Marketing)

Below is the video while watching the video on YouTube, Ads appear at the bottom of an app as soon as it is opened. Scroll through the News App to show several items in the middle Named “Sponsored” while browsing his Facebook feed Fall.

Various advertisements are shown under the title. The website related to that product when you click on these ads Going into. Here is the introduction with Product, about that Brand Awareness is caused.

Types of mobile marketing

1. Google Play Store

Who doesn’t know about the apps available in the Google Play Store to meet various needs, provide entertainment, lead To show, provide knowledge, entertain, to solve problems?

There are many apps available in the Google Play Store to cater to us.

Every single app is designed for some need. Each Individual chooses and uses certain apps to suit their needs, So many earn revenue through these apps that are so important

Let us now look at two important ones.

A. Some features or some content in the app for free to users Providing, then providing full features under the “Paid Option”.

This means that anyone can use the free version, But full features If you want to get it, you have to pay a certain amount to the App Developer.

The content or services you provide are really useful However, the Paid Version will definitely be a success.

B. Display advertisements in the app for free getting revenue from advertisers by doing.

2. QR code marketing:

QR code is a marketing tool that has become very popular recently Method.

This way even for people who have no knowledge at all about technology, The product can be easily marketed.

3. Location-Based Marketing:

Sometimes some only need to be marketed locally exclusively in one town only, one service, or one event has to be marketed.

Location-Based specifically for this Reach only people in an area through marketing methods Can do marketing.

4. SMS Marketing:

Marketing via SMS is something we keep seeing, When you go to any popular supermarket or any branded medical shop Be sure to ask for our mobile number when billing Happens.

Giving us a number without even thinking about it Even if it happens. However, this is only about their product and offers There is no problem with using a mobile number Sometimes.

Even if it is done for the benefit of the consumer. However, in most cases, these Phone numbers all change hands and reach others. Right here The problem starts. We have calls and SMS from various companies Starts coming.

In the meanwhile, it has become a good business The mobile numbers collected in this way are called ‘data’ or ‘database’.

There are two types of marketing through SMS.

1. Bulk SMS:

This includes sending your SMS at once through a bulk SMS service provider Many will have the opportunity to send.

Especially educational institutions and super Businesses such as Markets and Garments follow this pattern.

2. Whatsapp Marketing:

Simultaneously with the help of the Bulk SMS Marketing Tool available in the market, You can send a message to a few hundred people via Whatsapp.

The first method great thing about the second method is that the images via Whatsapp, Videos can also be sent via.

One of the problems with marketing via Whatsapp is that Only known contacts (for known numbers) should be promoted.

Secure your WhatsApp account only by doing this Will. Even to those whose numbers are unknown whether there is a possibility.

If you send marketing messages, your number will be blocked if they report spam There is a risk of becoming.

Whichever of the two methods you follow, you are “yourself Use only the list of ‘Targeted Customers’ collected. Because of that, You will not get in any trouble. As well as good results Are likely to come.

3. Benefits of Mobile Marketing:

1. Targeted customers (i.e. towards a product or a service Interested people) can be easily reached through mobile marketing.

2 Mobile marketing is a marketing method with Huge Potential.

Consumption of mobile phones is increasing day by day but not decreasing. Therefore Reaching the customer via mobile phone is very easy.

3. Results in the shortest time through mobile marketing, especially in Facebook Ads, and Google My Business Click on the Call Now button that appears in the listing directly Product Call About or Services.

4. Facing digital marketers

Another problem is that sometimes your User Content or Ads Engagement appears In large quantities of Likes, comments, and shares also come.

But Sales when it comes to conversions Are not visible at large. Why The situation is such that digital marketers have to hold their heads high instead of realizing it is shrinking.

Change Ad Copy if not original Engagement or Target Audience. But all of this is correct and also awesome and Mobile Payment when sales are not right Focus on apps.

That is Net Banking to make payments through a computer, Apps like Debit Card and Credit Card are used.

So that the transaction is completed. In the case of mobile, as mentioned above Apps like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and UPI along with them

The transaction is also completed with assistance. In fact, Net Banking, Debit Card, and Credit Card Paying through mobile apps is more than Easy.

Already many Indians are through this kind of mobile Even if accustomed to paying.

So rather than the usual marketing methods, mobile marketing. This difference can have a positive effect on your product sales, No doubt.

5. Most computers are set up in a fixed location

Repeat them, even when the laptop is being taken out Opening does not happen. Mobile is the only one that often opens.

All you need is a mobile phone wherever you go. Prioritizing mobile marketing based on this point Happens.

That means you can view product content and advertisements via mobile More likely to see them. If anything seems to us repeatedly.

Obviously, the chances of it being affected are high. Once engaged with an ad in, but not for a while, However (Engaged Ad is shown repeatedly) is likely to sell Will be.

Hence the traditional like TV, newspapers, magazines

Mobile marketing offers tremendous results compared to methods There are also some minus points to this mobile marketing.

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