Digital Video and Audio

Effective Technology on Audio & Video

Digital videos recorded in front of a flat-screen display don’t fit neatly into any other genre. Answering a student’s question about digital video, Michael Gasser writes, “There are so many ways to go with digital video, and the possibilities are only limited by our imagination. Digital video will likely change the way we do the many things we’re involved with today.” This is why Gasser created the website and created, a webpage that shows all that’s available in the digital video field. The webpage is structured differently than most websites. For starters, all of the course content on the website is free.

The website’s homepage has all the courses in digital video on one page. This means that there are only two or three pages on the Digital homepage that require the visitor to log in to gain access to their content. After logging in to the website, the homepage displays the various courses as “Landmarks.”

About digital audio

Digital audio also involves all sorts of digital audio formats, all designed to create a certain sound. There are audio formats for regular audio players, such as MP3 or MP4, as well as digital audio formats for digital TVs and home theaters.

There are also digital audio file formats, of which WMA is probably the most famous, and others that have specific uses. Digital music formats are also subject to copy protection schemes.

Artists that create audio have been creating them for a long time, and as a result, artists have the benefit of moving quickly in the digital world. There are already many free digital music files, but the big players are starting to come into the digital music space. Many independent artists and labels still prefer the old-fashioned way of creating and releasing their own digital audio, however, because that is generally the best way to stay in the loop with the digital music world.

The digital market is a bit confusing, and many people are still.

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