Traffic Resource

Step-by-step instructions for improving traffic resource after Google updates

Traffic Resource

Google is constantly updating its calculations. This update will change your Blog status. Sometimes your Blog comes up and in some cases loses your traffic. The Google Update Center is delayed on May 5, 2020. The following are a few suggestions to improve your traffic.

Google Core Renewal Tips:

1) Focus on the content

2) Short Section

3) Relevant documents

4) Social Sharing

5) Quality Backlinks

6) Tongue

9 Ways to Increase Your Traffic to Your Site

1) Prepare your site with Organic catchphrases

2) Enter SSL declaration,

3) Write something useful and comprehensive for any event 1 or 2 pictures

4) enter the official labels of alt alt

5) Check the SEO points and errors of your site

6) Upgrade domain authority

7) Reduce the speed of crossing your site

8) Increase backlinks from real sites

9) Launch FB or Google Ads in case you have a low usage plan

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