Computer Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers about Computer

1) What’s the foremost acceptable computer code for conniving on the computer?

Ans: Microsoft stand out

2) What’s meant by ‘LASER’?

Ans: light-weight Amplification by excited Emission of  Radiation.

3) An entire digital computer system includes?

Ans: microchip, memory, peripheral instrumentation.

4) What’s Windows?

Ans: a private pc package from Microsoft.

5) What’s pc networking?

Ans: A system during which computers are connected to share data and resources.

6) What will ‘System Software’ Includes?

Ans: The package and every one of the utilities that alter the pc to operate.

7) What’s the opposite name of ‘Main Memory’?

Ans: Primary Memory

8) What’s the total type of BSIC?

Ans: Beginner’s general Symbolic Instruction Code.

9) What’s Telemedicine?

Ans: A method of treatment through communication technologies.

10) United Nations agency is that the creator of the punch card?

Ans: Joseph Marie Jacquard

11) What quiet device is Monitor?

Ans: Output device

12) What’s ‘Facebook’?

Ans: a preferred Social networking website

13) What’s ‘OCR’?

Ans: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) could be a pc computer code designed to translate pictures of kind written tests.

14) What’s a pc Virus?

Ans: One quiet program, that is harmful to machine operation.

15) 2 styles of normally used printers are?

Ans: matrix printer and electrostatic printer

16) Write the name of various storage device devices.

Ans. Hard disk, magnetic disk, optical disc

17) United Nations agency is that the legend of the pc world?

Ans: William Henry Gates

18) What’s the means of ‘CC’ within the case of E-mail?

Ans: copy

19) The word ‘Computer’ comes from?

Ans: reason

20) Adobe Photoshop could be a – Graphics computer code

21) What’s the name of the primary pc Network?

Ans: ARPANET (Advanced analysis comes Administration Network)

22) What’s the quantity of pc Generation?

Ans: Five

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