Viral Marketing

Why a person chooses Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a technique by which each user shares the content and receives it with others. It’s like a virus from someone.

It’s viral because it is being spread to another person (shared) The name came from marketing.

Why does a person usually share content such as Facebook logos, Youtube logos, and Whatsapp logos?

Probably for one of the following reasons.

1) Either when he likes it best.

2) Either when emotionally connected to that content,

3) Either when agreeing with his ideology.

4) When it seems very interesting or surprising,

5) Either when you think sharing will be of great benefit to others

6) Consider it a great secret and want to let everyone know this secret.

Content that goes viral usually comes in the following forms.

1) Images

2) Infographics

3) Articles, Blog Posts

4) Videos

5) Audio clippings.

In some cases, the content will naturally go viral and penetrate the masses. In some other cases, it is done by human effort.

Will need to be converted to viral. Just create content and social post and do some promotion without leaving the burden on God.

This is why even the biggest brands can advertise their Products, This emotion allows the customer to quickly connect with the product or brand.

The “Your friend liked this” appearing in your Facebook feed was created with the intention of making a post viral. With your friends

You have Emotional Connectivity so leave a post, or a video, You definitely get a strong urge to watch that video when you know your friends have Liked it. As part of this process, you will be watching, you will also be sharing.

More examples of viral marketing

The most popular memes teasers on social media

Eg: Movie teaser of a movie heroine named Priya Warrior

Did we know that in some cases the digital marketer will work hard to turn it into a Campaign – Viral? For this many at once

Start promoting content on social media platforms. If the content is really capable then it will inevitably go viral and get good results.

If there is no power in the content then is going viral Very difficult. There will be no big results unless you push and melt your budget.

A big hero is huge enough to take his son as a hero, Even if he makes a few films on a budget, he will be able to establish himself in the industry as a hero if the audience likes the performance of his son.

Unless of course promoted forcibly There is no big benefit to doing so. We can see good examples of this in the film industry.

In some other cases, the hero with the strongest fan base is either a Campaigns fan who started a brand or a brand

From Followers, get support voluntarily. Then the fans themselves will do their best to make this campaign go viral.

A good example of this

Create a Twitter trend by gathering all the fans to make a hero’s new movie teaser or a hero’s birthday viral. We have seen many times that the hero’s fans are struggling to break the trend created by a hero and create a new record, which is nothing new for us.

Ex: #hbdmahesh as hashtag trend

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