DigiPivot – Women’s skill set in Digital Marketing


DigiPivot is an initiative by Google in association with Avtar and the Centre for Executive Education at the Indian School of Business, it is a platform to build digital marketing skill sets for women professionals in India. It was launched in the year and is part of the government’s Digital agenda on Women Entrepreneurship (DAW) 2014 -2015.

This program aims towards improving women entrepreneurs across industry sectors from financial services to IT. Creating awareness about innovative entrepreneurship techniques among youth through interactive sessions under MHRD Head Researcher Prof Harshan Singhal chairing The 5th annual Global Connections between Students And Mentors Conference organized by Pune University!

The project aims on promoting online job seeker education through Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). The DPI has been created as well as the ‘Digital Jobs Exchange‘ that are aimed both at people seeking work but also more recently it seeks to provide support services like mentoring tools and training programs which can be adopted across different sectors including sales, manufacturing & service sector.

The objective of this program is to provide opportunities  to women As we’ve seen with other programs like these, such as those by IBC/IATF Digital Media Research & Training (DMRTR), ‘We are all Women.’ We don’t know why our industry isn´t focusing more on people-to ‘people learning,’ says Jibb. “This project highlights that what defines you – your professional voice, story, skills, and experience – matters.”

JIBB believes there’s tremendous value to helping young female leaders connect their networks with an audience through interactive online content called Kiosk Content Designers Program™ (KDC). This was pioneered at MIMA 201.

The goal of this pilot project is that it will help create space to discuss technical issues, address feedback from employees and ultimately determine what are some strategic objectives at each company within SaaS/CMO companies throughout North America.”

“We want our members to feel supported by community leaders who understand them as individuals—an equal members with differing experiences,” said Michelle Moulton-Scott, Executive Director. “An approach like ours encourages everyone involved in these partnerships to make sure they share an understanding through engaging questions about why your business might be better served without having access or need to read documents first before making decisions – something many organizations find themselves.

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