Types of Operating System

1. A period software package could be a multi-tasking software package that aims at corporal punishment period applications. The real-time process responds to input instantly.

2. A software package that permits multiple users to access a computing system at the same time is thought of because of the multi-user software package.

3. once the software package permits the execution of multiple tasks at just once, it’s classified as a multi-tasking software package.

4. A distributed software package manages a gaggle of freelance laptops and makes them seem to be one computer.

5. Embedded operative Systems square measure designed to be utilized in embedded laptop systems. samples of embedded operative Systems square measure Windows ten, UBUNTU, and waterproof OS X Yosemite Falls.

6. Multi-processing software package supports running a program on quite one central processor. Multithreading software package permits completely different components of one program to run at the same time.

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