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Video Games, and gaming websites alike, have been abuzz with the news that a hacker has published a plethora of details about Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, including the passwords for the Pokémon Cyber Extras page for both games, as well as the new poke website. It appears that the hacker was able to take advantage of a glitch in the Pokémon White website to access the password for the Pikachu Mega Drive video game that was part of the Official Nintendo Magazine.

Today I am going to tell you about the first meeting the story behind the invention of video games and we need to get out of here though the game started as early as 1950 because of the high costs that when these video games were used only for boring research purposes but soon in 1958 a video game was created for entertainment it was a Tennis game for two places, not the game.

I am talking about friends the game looks something like this at that time but again it was discontinued in a year because open eye cost as the decade progressed mini-game designing 20 years came up with different kinds of computer games like sports puzzles Gods logic and even board games however these two didn’t make it to the common public but one man to said to take the road less traveled and today we know this man as the father of video games wasn’t engineering opportunity in the following prices of TV sets began to explore the idea of playing video games on TV screens but his early attempts for not fruit full.

In 1966 from being two-sided to presenting his brainchild to one of the supervisors was a smart move indeed as he was given a sum of $2,500 immediately along with the time and help of two other engineers and then began the days and nights of hard work involved and the two men developed the world’s first video game console and to play exciting against all you had to do was connect the console to your team is set to this invention to apply for patent interestingly within 15 minutes every exam no on the floor was surrounded wanting to play the game What you want you came to origin Benton seriously luckily there was born electronics company that solves potential and in 1972.

The world’s first video game system was ruled out to the public and as he drove entertaining video games 100 frozen consoles were sold and 330 ended of 1975 through the years as the cost of computers felt the coin base Orchid games payment and Prove the gaming industry Technology progress while leaves and bounds and so did your home gaming systems and today we even have motion sensing video games exciting right.

I hate this to an expert like you but I’m sure I can tell you some facts that you probably don’t know your time to think like video games or bad for your kid or video games on your brain well the good news is ways in quite true studies have shown the playing action game Industry generated whopping 99.6 billion dollars in 2016 which were more land revenue of the international film industry isn’t it amazing to know that characters in games a bigger stores Venom movie stars super.

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