Off Page Search Engine Optimization


Off Page Search Engine Optimization – We learned that before the content on a website is called Onpage SEO. We are now learning Off Page SEO one of the most important features in many endeavors. In this case, we have 2 features

1. Connect Structure

2. Social Marketing

These are Onpage SEO, Off Page SEO. Most of this is Ammage SEO, which requires a lot of focus. And when it comes to SEO, there are many types of link building. Learn about the importance of this


Suppose you have an XYZ.COM site, and if a link is provided somewhere between the content on a site called ABC.COM, that means that audiences at ABC.COM can click on a six-person link and come to you, the XYZ.COM site. . This is called a backlink to your site. These backlinks are very important because their value is calculated based on the number of backlinks a site has.

Internal Link:

When a link is provided from one post on your website to another post on your site, it is called Internal Link.

External link:

If a link is provided to another website from the content on your website, it is called an external link. If a link is provided from to it will be a backlink to Become an external link to

Connect Layout:

Off-page and Link building similar names related to promotional activities on our website to rank high results on search engine results pages.

This article includes the following information about our website in the SERP (search engine results page)

1) Article Submission – Article submission is one of the most effective and effective means of linking. Usually, it refers to writing articles relevant to your business.

2) News Release Delivery – A strategy that helps the popularity of your events, products, and services on the web to improve your results. It refers to writing about the company’s new plans and publishing them on the site of media releases.

3) Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Social bookmarking sites are a way for people to search, find, compile and edit web pages. Social media play an important role in this SEO process.

4) Blog Comment – Relationships between bloggers and blog readers. It is an effective way to exchange ideas, thoughts, and ideas for a particular topic. Commenting on a blog attracts and helps people convert traffic and make it social. Blog post reviews also make a very important point in blog comments.

5) Forums – SEO forums allow you to ask questions and share information. It helps a lot to build your online access. Sharing information will help other people to trust you. It helps people with useful and relevant content and they will regard you as a trusted professional in relevant studies.


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