Search Engine Optimization Types

Rank your website with the below Techniques

There are 3 types of SEO depending on the procedures followed

White hat SEO:

Search engines (Google) are the only subcommittee that comes with a specific appointment.

Accepted methods

1) Provide quality content

2) Improve Site performance in a systematic way

3) Manual promotion

4) Natural keyword usage (not forced)

5) A well-designed website

Black hat SEO:

The black hat method uses a shortcut method, violating the fact set by search engines

Methods to be Accepted

1) Keyword entry

2) Connect plowing

3) Spam comments

4) Duplicate content (cheating)

5) Dress

6) Paid links

7) Private Blog Networks


1) Your site gets a good position in a short time

2) No need to work hard


1) Your site may be blocked if Google finds it

2) It hits the site you are working on with Google

3) Audiences will be annoyed and go with Keyword Stuffing

4) Similar methods increase the number of useless spam sites on the Internet

5) With Plagiarism you will find legal action

6) It may have to deal with Rankings that are at risk of falling due to Google updates.

Gray Hat SEO:

Between a white hat and a black hat, this type is called the Gray Hat. Unless Google prescribes in its regulations that these methods should not be used, it is morally wrong (dishonest) to use these methods.

Accepted Methods

1) Clicks

2) Connect Exchange

3) Paid reviews

4) Twisted Content

Wrong SEO:

SEO is where you fail to improve the quality of your site and damage the site of a competitor with a better position than you.

For example, on the first page, you are in 5th place, even if you work very hard you cannot continue. This is an attempt to harm those above you at the time.

Accepted Methods

1) Non-native links on competitors’ site

2) Stealing their content

3) Posting Wrong Reviews

4) Site hacking

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