Search Engine Optimization

Think about what a user is going to type

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Performance is a way to increase both the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as the exposure of your product, with free search engine results.

It’s about understanding what people are looking for online, the words they use, and the type of content they wish to use. Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to connect with people who are looking for solutions online.

If you know the purpose of your audience it is considered to be the other side of SEO, to bring in the way search engine pages can find and understand the other side of the same SEO.

Why SEO:

SEO is important because it keeps search results relevant to the user’s search text.

Users trust search engines and achieve high-quality search engine rankings in search engines that your site is a useful resource. When you promote your position on the results pages, it will generate more clicks and content for your site.

SEO checklist:

1) Business Assessment

2) Keyword Research

3) Competitive Research

4) On the SEO page

5) Technical SEO

6) Off-Page SEO / Link Building

7) Advanced SEO Search

8) Web Statistics

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