Business Audit

Simple Business Audit Explanation


What is SEO Business Audit?
Why should anyone do it?
How should it be done?
Business Analysis is all about gathering complete information about the business. SEO needs to be done for you.
1) Most importantly every SEO professional needs to get 360-degree information about a business to use the best SEO.
2) Business Analysis helps to get detailed information about certain things such as business category, products/services, targeted customers, etc., which helps ultimately prepare for targeted SEO.
Business Examination Checklist:
1) Identify the category of business
2) Identify the products or services offered by a particular business
3) Identify people who are targeted at the business based on Location, Census, Interest, and Behavior
4) Identify the USP (Different Sales Point) of the business
5) Identify targets that need to be achieved such as branding or traffic marking or tracking or sales, etc.
6) Identify basic SEO such as Local SEO / National SEO / Geo-targeting SEO / International SEO / Global SEO / E-Commerce SEO
Sample Audit for My Business:
Company: Digital Valmiki
Targeted Services: Blog Design, SEO, Jobs, Skills, Digital Marketing
Audience / Targeted Clients: Interested in Blogging
By location: India
Industrial: Local businesses, e-commerce businesses, Education, Software companies, etc.
Depending on demographics: Age: 18-50, Education: Any Based on Interests
Job Transformation, Business Promotion.
Behavioral Based: People Who Spend More Time Online, People Who Want New Job Opportunities, People Who Spend More On Advertising And Promotion, People Who Want To Learn New Skills.
USP: Leading services in the economic pricing market.
Goal: Traffic and Leads
SEO: National SEO is a good fit because the company only targets clients from India.

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